At least 12 credits of elective courses are required to complete the program. They can be chosen from the following topics:

CSC / ECE / MTH Electives (3 to 9 credits). One, two or three of the following courses:

CSC 632 Introduction to Parallel Computing
CSC 645 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
ECE 636 Adaptive Filters and Signal Processing
ECE 648 Machine Learning
ECE 653 Neural Networks
MTH 613 Partial Differential Equations I
MTH 614 Partial Differential Equations II
MTH 620 Numerical Analysis I
MTH 721 Mathematical Probability

FIN Electives (2 to 6 credits). One, two or three of the following courses:

FIN 643 Quantitative Finance & Market Microstructure (2 credits, Fall T2)
FIN 653 Alternative Investments (2 credits, Spring T2)
FIN 660 International Finance (2 credits, Fall T1)
FIN 670 Corporate Finance (2 credits, Fall T1)
FIN 681 Financial Institutions (2 credits, Spring T2)
FIN 683 Financial Modeling (2 credits, Spring T2)

Other Business Electives (0 to 3 credits). At most one of the following courses:
ACC 602 Analysis of Financial Statements
ECO 442 International Monetary Economics
ECO 444 Game Theory
FIN 425 Business and Security Valuation
FIN 427 Fixed Income Markets and Analysis
FIN 431 International Financial Management