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  • General Admissions

    When can I apply for admissions?

    We begin accepting applications on December 1st.

    What is the application deadline?

    For full consideration we encourage applicants to have application materials submitted by March 15.

    What is needed to apply?

    • Bachelor's degree, typically in an engineering field, mathematics, physics, computer science, or economics.
    • 1 semester of Linear Algebra.
    • 1 semester of Differential Equations.
    • 1 semester of calculus-based Probability and Statistics.
    • 1 semester of Programming. Knowledge of C/C#/C++ is helpful, but not required.
    • GRE General Test (optional for 2022/2023).
    • TOEFL for all applicants whose native language is not English.
    • Knowledge of basic finance is helpful but not required.

    Do you require an undergraduate degree in finance or mathematics?

    No, it is not required. A Bachelor's degree in engineering, CS or natural sciences is also completely acceptable.

    What is the application fee?

    The application fee is $85, subject to change. We cannot process your application until the application fee is received.

    What is the Tuition and Fee schedule for the MSMF program?

    See the Tuition page.

    Can I get Financial Aid?

    All students accepted for the fall of 2022 are eligible for scholarships (typically worth 20% or more of tuition).

    How long before I'm notified of my admissions?

    Admissions decisions are being granted on a rolling basis. Depending on the number of applicants, some will receive their decision before April, but every completed application will receive a decision by April 30.

    Where do I mail my admissions materials?

    Send paper documents to:

    Graduate Admissions - MSMF
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Miami
    P.O. Box 249085
    Coral Gables, Florida 33124-4250

    I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree - can I apply to the MSMF Program?

    Yes, just be sure to note all work experience, internships, and other certificates and activities in your application.

    Who should write recommendation letters?

    Your recommendation letters should come from academic and business sources. These recommendations should emphasize your strengths in the following areas: quantitative skills, written and oral communication, spreadsheet analysis, and relevant work experience.

    Is work experience required?

    The MSMF program does NOT require applicants/students to have prior work experience; however, it is looked upon favorably by the Admissions Committee.

    Can I write more than 300 words in my personal statement?

    We encourage you to keep your personal statement under 300 words. If you wish to write more, keep in mind that the admissions committee may not be able to read an extensive essay as thoroughly as a shorter one.

    Is a thesis required?

    No. The program is solely based on coursework. Students interested in working on research projects can make arrangements with individual faculty.

    How many students will be admitted this year?

    We aim to keep our class sizes small, so we are able to devote individual attention to each student. We expect that the class of 2022/2023 will be limited to twenty students.

    Can the program be extended from 3 semesters?

    The MSMF program is intended to be 18 months/3 semesters. Exceptions to this rule can be made for qualified students who have successfully completed their first semester.

    May I transfer credits to fulfill MSMF requirements?

    No, we do not allow the transfer of other credits in to replace core MSMF courses. We realize that some of our students have taken similar courses but not as in-depth or in line with our curriculum.

    The only exception is for the University of Miami undergraduates, who were previously permitted to take courses with the MSMF Program, apply for admission and are accepted. For them, the credit will be granted towards a degree for any such course passed with a grade of a B- or higher.

    Can I apply for spring admission?

    No, due to the sequential design of the curriculum, we do not offer admission into the spring semester. All students must start the program in the fall.

    Any additional suggestions for the international students?

    Please check the International Students page for the additional requirements regarding transcripts and financial statements.

    Students applying from the People's Republic of China may also wish to consult the 1point3acres forum for information on the program.

  • Test Scores

    Is the GRE required?

    Yes. The GRE scores will be used by the Admissions Committee as additional evaluative measures.

    What are the minimum GRE requirements?

    The MSMF program seeks students with strong quantitative skills. While we don't set a minimum standard for admissions, we expect the quantitative scores above the 85th percentile (currently 163).

    Can I waive the GRE?

    No. While the committee considers the composite applications of each applicant, an official GRE score must be included.

    Is the TOEFL required?

    Yes, for applicants whose native language is not English. You must provide one of the following:

    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 98 (iBT). TOEFL should have been taken within 2 years prior to application for admission. Visit the TOEFL website, www.toefl.org, for more information.
      • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): The IELTS should have been taken within 2 years prior to application for admission; a minimum score of 6.5 on IELTS is required. Visit the IELTS website, www.ielts.org, for more information.

    The above requirement may be waived for non-native English speakers provided the applicant fulfills one of the following criteria:

    • An applicant has earned an undergraduate degree in a country where the official language is English (this does not include degrees from just English-speaking institutions or just a country where English is spoken).
      • An applicant has studied in the United States at an undergraduate level for at least one year or the equivalent of 30 consecutive credits.
      • An applicant has lived and worked in an English-speaking country for the past two or more years.

    What is the minimum requirements for TOEFL/IELTS?

    Strong English skills are essential for success in the MSMF program. The minimum score for TOEFL is 98 (iBT).

    Can I still apply with a TOEFL score below 98?

    If your TOEFL score is more than 6 points below the minimum of 98 (iBT), you are encouraged to re-take the TOEFL. If you are within 6 points of the minimum, your other scores are excellent and you meet all prerequisites, you should apply if re-taking the TOEFL is not an option. Keep in mind that the MSMF program has been designed to be challenging and mastery of the English language is extremely important.

    Can I send unofficial copies of test scores?

    No. Official test score reports are required for the Admissions Committee to review your application.

    Is it possible to submit my test scores at a later day?

    You may start applying for our program without submitting your official test scores; however, all official scores must be submitted to be officially reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

    What is the institution code?

    You can request your official test scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS reporting codes:

    TOEFL: Institution Code 5815, Department code 072
    GRE: Institution Code 5815, Department code 0799.