About Coral Gables

The University of Miami occupies a lively campus centered in a thriving, vibrant, multicultural metropolitan area. The University's main campus is located 10 miles south of the City of Miami in the picturesque, planned community of Coral Gables. The "Gables" is known for its tropical beauty and Mediterranean-inspired architecture and is an integral part of the Greater Miami area. Sixty-two majestic royal palm trees line the Stanford Drive entranceway to the campus, setting the stage for 260 acres of tropical flora. Hundreds of oak and mahogany trees, coconut palms, and numerous other species provide greenery and shade for a network of fountains and walkways that crisscross the grounds.

In the surrounding communities of South Miami, Kendall, and Coconut Grove, as well as in Coral Gables itself, can be found the quiet neighborhoods and easygoing lifestyle that have been the trademark of South Florida living for decades. Recreational opportunities include boating, fresh and salt water fishing, diving, hiking, canoeing, biking, and camping. The beaches at Cape Florida (on Key Biscayne) are a short distance from the main campus, and Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and the Florida Keys are less than an hour's drive away. On-campus recreational facilities include tennis and racquetball courts, a bowling alley and a year-round, outdoor, Olympic-sized pool.

Greater Miami is recognized as a center of artistic activity in Florida and offers a variety of lifestyles and a vast assortment of galleries, are fairs, festivals, boutiques, import shops, and bookstores. The area has a wide selection of fine restaurants of Cuban, French, Mexican, German, Swiss, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and other ethnic cuisine. Miami also offers an extensive music, dance, and theater series that brings outstanding national and international talent to the city each year. Season or individual tickets may be purchased for orchestral concerts, plays, and Broadway musicals as well as the best in jazz, fold, and chamber music.

The University of Miami Campus cultural facilities also provide a year-round schedule of cultural events. Movies, exhibits, and musical and theatrical events of all kinds fill the galleries, stages and screen of the Ring Theatre, the Gusman Concert Hall, the Lowe Are Museum and the Beaumont Cinema.

The University of Miami occupies a lively campus centered in a thriving, vibrant, multicultural metropolitan area. The University itself, with its large international student population, forms an important part of this truly international community. Its combination of multicultural composition, academic distinction, and pleasant geography make the University of Miami an exciting place for all students.